Monday, May 08, 2017


I finally got to get outside to snap a few shots today!!  We have been experiencing a LOT of rain, flooding and snow these past few weeks and the weather has not been co-operating for me to snap a few shots of these quilts outside.

I have been able to complete a few quilts recently and haven't posted them so I am going to try my hardest to get this blog updated!!

I am in LOVE with the patterns by Sew Kind of Wonderful and their rulers!  I have purchased several patterns and have a few tops in my quilt closet ready to go - now to get to the quilting!  Actually I just took another one off the frame on Saturday that just needs the binding!  Yey!

This is Metro Twist!


I fell in LOVE with this pattern some time ago and have been waiting for inspiration to strike.  Well, I found this fabric line in the 50% off bin and knew just what I wanted to do with it!  I pulled out my Quick Curve Ruler (QCR) and got to work.  I completely cut out the top and started piecing in one evening.  Before I knew it the top was pieced!  I loaded it onto my frame and got quilting it using my rulers and taking inspiration from photos from Sew Kind of Wonderful. 

This is a heavily quilted quilt but it is still so soft!


I used Glide threads in Pearl and Lagoon to quilt the entire quilt and I am in LOVE!  I was even able to pull a blue flannel from my stash that perfectly matched the blues in the top.

Done and bound!

Next up was this little baby quilt using left-over blocks from the Snack Time quilt that I still haven't finished turning the binding on!  I liked these blocks but they just didn't "go" with the hotter colours of the rest of the quilt :-(  Luckily I had just enough to put together for this little guy.  Again I used a Glide Thread in white for the all over design.

More finishes to come soon!!!  

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Removing a Quilt from the Frame

Hi all!!

Do you ever just struggle to get inspired and motivated when it comes to a quilt??

I sure do and I was seriously experiencing a lack of motivation when it came to this quilt, of mine, on the frame. This is Dessert Nine-Patch that I started in 2010!!!  :-o

Please don't get me wrong - I really love this quilt!  But, it's still winter here, and, well, the dark colours just were not inspiring me at all!!  It has been sitting on my frame for so long now and I quilted a little bit here and there, but, I just couldn't bring myself to really work on quilting it.  So, today I finally took it off the frame and loaded something much more fresh and bright.


I bought the Sew Kind of Wonderful Quick Curve Mini Ruler recently and it came with this great table runner pattern to get to know the ruler - so I made this out of some left-over fabrics.   I am in LOVE with their patterns and rulers - not to mention the fabulous machine quilting they accomplish!  They are truly a talented company!

Needless to say I am much more enthusiastic about quilting this runner!  The colours are just so fresh!  I love it!

If you are wondering about the Quick Curve Rulers and patterns I will be at The Quilting Quarters in Almonte demonstrating these amazing rulers on Saturday March 18th!   I will have some new projects ready to show and one that I am just starting - like I said - I love these rulers and the patterns!! 

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Update! And a Baby Give-Away

Hello all!

I hope that everyone is well and enjoying this mid-winter thaw where we are!  I figured that today was the perfect day to blog about what I have been up to.

As most of you know I really enjoy making baby quilts and baby things - I love the fabrics and the colours - they are fun and cheerful; and, so rewarding in their utility.

I was fortunate enough to teach a round of Mommy and Me fitness classes where the babies were in carriers and the Moms danced and worked out with their babies.  Some of the Mom's started coming with "Suck Pads" on the straps of their carriers so that when the babies chewed, drools and sucked on the carrier straps the straps didn't get moldy and just plain yucky!  Well I decided to dig into my, very sizable, baby stash and make some of these Suck Pads to offer for sale to my Moms - they loved them!!

I backed them in a nice flannel with cotton batting in the middle, used ribbons to attach toys etc and used KAM snaps instead of Velcro to do them up.  I love KAM snaps!  

The Moms loved them so much that they started asking me to make Pacifier / toy straps.  Again I used KAM snaps and KAM plastic clips.

Then I got the idea to make beautiful bibs.  Well let's just say I took on the challenge of making a bib that was both functional and beautiful and well made.  It had to have a side neck snap for ease of putting on the bib and a secure KAM snap instead of Velcro, which the kiddies can just rip apart.  I back mine in a lovely fleece for absorbancy and ease of wiping messy faces.  I did a LOT of experimenting and finally came up with a great bib pattern.


What do you think????  I did a lot of testing with these items and am now ready to sell them!  I did one small show a couple weeks ago and the response and feed-back has been great for all three offerings :-D I will set up and Etsy store soon and hopefully make some parent happy with these!!
Wahoo!!  I have also decided to sell some baby quilts!!  I have some on hand and some that are all cut out and ready to sew - quilting is 90% preparation and 10% sewing sometimes LOL!

I would love any feedback that you guys have AND

I even have a couple of discarded prototypes that I would love to give-away!  These would be most suitable for a baby up to 4 months - but some babies are small and some are bigger as we all know!  LOL!  Leave a comment here with what you like about my new offerings and if you have a little baby boy or girl in your life who could use a new bib!! 


Monday, December 26, 2016

Quilt Dog!

How could I resist!?

Our dog, River, is such a gentle dog who loves nothing better than  to be with us, leaning on us and cuddling.  She wants to be included in everything - including my quilts!

When I lay fabric out on the floor she lays on it.  And if a quilt is on the floor she goes to sleep on it LOL!

This Christmas I have been sick with Bronchitis and I have spent quite a bit of time in front of the small gas fireplace in my sewing room to rest.  River loves to snuggle right beside me.  Well, a few Christmases ago I made the rag quilt that is on the floor and I made a small companion one from various leftovers.  River has decide that she absolutely loves the little leftover blanket ever since I draped it over her on Christmas eve - she snuggled under that blanket for over two hours before she got up!!


And there I sit, in front of the little fireplace with my quilt and River with hers. Dogs this size supposedly don't like being under blankets right??  Anyways, the quilt is now hers - how could I resist!!??

Saturday, December 24, 2016

First in a Series!

Hi all!

I hope that you are all enjoying the Holiday Season!  Me?  Somehow I ended up with Bronchitis and haven't been able to do much :-(  Oh well - what isn't done, isn't done I suppose!

I have been able to get a few things done around the house though and I have only left the house once in the last week!

One thing I have done is play with my new Accuquilt Studio Bear dies!!  So much fun!  This is a set of dies that I have never seen posted about before (I mightn't have seen the posts though!) so I was excited to get them and started to play.  There are three sizes of bear dies.  I got the Jumbo and the Small but I might just have to order the Large as well! I have ordered a few more dies that I will post about once they are in my hands ;-)

I had this idea to make a series of wildlife pillows for the cottage and home.  Well yesterday I cut out the first one; and, I am in LOVE with the way that it turned out!  It feels so wonderful - so warm, so outdoors.  It's also perfect for the winter season at home!

This one is made from 100% wool fabric and appliqued with a blanket stitch.  I have some ideas to improve the pillows:  make them less expensive to make and more tactile.  I am pleased with this first one though!!

What do you think?  Any thoughts??

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas Scraps

Hi all!  I hope that you are enjoying the days leading up to Christmas :-)

I needed to get to work on my Christmas fabric postcards so I pulled out my bin of Christmas scraps and this is what I found.


Left-over border pieces, a million 2" squares, tumblers, a left-over block and a lot of half square triangles.  WOW!  That's a lot of stuff! I looked through and found several 16-patch leaders and enders blocks and decided to make a simple postcard this year - just piecing.


I layered the piecing onto Timtex and loaded it onto my frame to machine quilt.  It didn't work too badly; but, it definitely isn't my favorite stuff to quilt on the frame!  I used a 40 weight Glide thread in Sand colour - a go to thread for me!

Now I need to cut them apart and put on the backing fabric and edge them - oh and then I will address them all.  I hope to get them done and mailed before Christmas - sigh.

Every year I make the same promise to myself - I will start these cards earlier next year!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

A Finish for My Mom!

Hey all!!

I hope that you are staying warm in this extremely cold weather!!!  If you're having it LOL!

My Mom has been up visiting for the last week - yey!  Anyways,  I was going through my quilt closet getting out some UFO's to work on; and, she found this quilt top that I was given by my local quilt shop.  It was made using one of those fabrics that has a bunch of strips that you can cut apart to make your own Jelly Rolls.  Well, the Northcott rep had just done a trunk show and showed how to make a lone star quilt without piecing more than the rows using this fabric.  Well, this one wasn't very successful (it was extremely wavy and the points weren't sharp etc) and they were going to throw it out so I said that I would take it to cut up.  That was a few years ago. . .  I never did get around to cutting it up!

Needless to say - my Mom fell in love with it and asked me to quilt it!


I loaded it on the frame and ditched the star and put feathers in the black.  I had the quilting done in an evening and then started on the binding.  I got the waviness out of the quilt and it lays pretty straight now - yey.  The ditching in between the star pieces makes it look like it WAS actually pieced and it makes the quilt much flatter.


I have to say, now that the quilt is finished, I am surprised that I like it!  I really didn't like it to start with LOL!

Another quilt out of storage and on it's way to a new home tomorrow!  That makes; 2 charity lap quilts, 3 preemie quilts and a wall hanging finished and out of the house this week alone :-D  Now, if I can keep up this I should be able to get through my quilt closet!